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Vitamin 3-D: New Perspectives in Sculpture and Installation

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Vitamin 3-D: New Perspectives in Sculpture and Installation is a survey of contemporary innovation in sculpture and installation through the works of 117 established and emerging artists from 27 countries.

While much artistic attention in the last two decades has centered on the image, contemporary art maintains an ongoing fascination with the key issues of modern sculpture, from the readymade to the specific object. Even as artists return to these issues again and again, with fresh and often surprising results, they strike out into new territory, conjuring visionary objects and environments, or harnessing the medium to confront today's commodity world in its own materials—from the Latin American junk assemblage of Marepe, Gabriel Kuri, and Abraham Cruzvillegas, to the wittily reworked objects of Peter Coffin, Tom Friedman, and Allora & Calzadilla.

In her evocative introductory essay, Anne Ellegood cites Rosalind Krauss's landmark 1978 essay "Sculpture in the Expanded Field" as she explores the wildly inclusive breadth and depth of the term "sculpture." Today, artists demolish the classical definition of sculpture—"not architecture and not landscape"—in such works as Jorge Pardo's houses, Mike Nelson's labyrinthian interiors, and Fischli and Weiss's garden plots; in kinetic sculpture (Urs Fischer's untitled spinning branch chandeliers, Olafur Eliasson's Reversed Waterfall); in paintings that have left the wall (Chris Johanson's multicoloured wood constructions, Aaron Curry's spray-painted cardboard panels); and even in a few completely dematerialized works (Jeppe Hein'sInvisible Labyrinth, Martin Creed's The Lights Going On and Off).

Vitamin 3-D contributes to international debates on contemporary sculpture and installation, while providing an accessible and concise overview in an innovative design that embodies the materiality of its subject.

Nominators and contributors include Nancy Adajania, Negar Azimi, Sarina Basta, Devrim Bayar, Kirsty Bell, Iwona Blazwick, Andrew Bonacina, Thomas Boutoux, Lindsay Brown, Adam Budak, Jon Bywater, Giovanni Carmine, Luca Cerizza, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Tyler Coburn, Suzanne Cotter, Bice Curiger, Penelope Curtis, Trinie Dalton, Wouter Davidts, Lillian Davies, Diedrich Deiderichsen, Florence Derieux, Dominic Eichler, Anne Ellegood, Russell Ferguson, Richard Flood, Claire Gilman, Thelma Golden, Ann Goldstein, Isabelle Graw, Melissa Gronlund, Bruce Hainley, Kit Hammonds, Glen Helfand, Jens Hoffmann, Matthew Higgs, Laura Hoptman, Anthony Huberman, Ronald Jones, Geeta Kapur, Céline Kopp, Vasif Kortun, Miwon Kwon, Christy Lange, Sylvère Lotringer, Carol Yinghua Lu, Francesco Manacorda, Chus Martinez, Rosa Martinez, Tom McDonough, Charles Merewether, Domonic Molon, Shamim M. Momin, Tom Morton, Gerardo Mosquera, Neil Mullholland, Julian Myers, Bob Nickas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Sally O?Reilly, Adriano Pedrosa, Emily Pethick, Jenelle Porter, Bert Rebhandl, Beatrix Ruf, Ralph Rugoff, Barry Schwabsky, Trevor Schoonmaker, Katy Siegal, Katie Sonnenborn, Beate Söntgen, Rochelle Steiner, Francesco Stocchi, Alina Tortosa, Lee Triming, Marc-Olivier Wahler, Gilda Williams, and Rachel Withers.

Published by Phaidon, 2014, paperback, 352 pages, 11.5 x 9.75 inches.

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