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Thodoris Tzalavras: Nicosia in Dark and White

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Between 2006 and 2010 Thodoris Tzalavras wandered and photographed the numerous derelict and abandoned houses adjacent to the Green Line in Nicosia, Cyprus.

A native of Athens, Tzalavras first encountered the buildings in 2002 when he was stationed on the island for mandatory service in the Greek army—he vowed to return and go beyond the causes, UN soldiers, roadblocks, and checkpoints.

Introduction and short story by Ioanna Mavrou. Poem by David Alan Harvey. Bilingual in English and Greek. Edition of 1,000.

Published by Book Ex Machina, 2010, clothbound hardcover with jacket, tipped-in photo, 108 pages, 9 x 10 inches.

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