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Sharon Lockhart

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Sharon Lockhart's films emphasize the photographic basis of the moving image, often using a fixed perspective to capture unexpected movements and human reactions in a given situation. This catalogue documents the largest and most significant solo exhibition of Lockhart's work in an American museum to date, and focuses on Lockhart's photographic and cinematic work since 1994, including her major film projects Goshogaoka (1997) and Teatro Amazonas (1999).

The exhibition Sharon Lockhart was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago March 3–May 20, 2001.

Texts by curator Dominic Molon and art historian Norman Bryson focus on Lockhart's rereading of conceptual photography and her complex approach to narrative and the gaze.

Published by MCA Chicago, 2001, hardcover, 112 pages, 10 x 10.75 inches.

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