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Roxy Paine by Eleanor Heartney

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Working at the intersection between nature and technology, Roxy Paine creates art that exposes the paradoxes inherent in our relationships with the natural and industrial worlds. Paine's pieces can take the form of startlingly realistic representations of plant life or robotic art-manufacturing machinery, though his best-known sculptures-stainless steel trees installed in natural settings-straddle both approaches.

This book presents works from each series of Paine's oeuvre to date and provides critical analysis by Eleanor Heartney. The artist's works raise existential questions about our place in the natural order and the extent to which we can draw a firm line between the processes of nature and those of technology. This beautifully-designed volume will introduce readers to one of the most exciting artists at work today.

Published by Prestel Publishing, 2009, hardcover, 255 pages, 11.5 x 10.1 inches.

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