RE: things in the lap by Edmund Chia

RE: things in the lap by Edmund Chia

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PEREGRINEPROGRAM is Edmund Chia’s artist-run gallery, formerly of Pilsen, and now in East Garfield Park. After three years and more than thirty exhibitions, Chia has released RE: things in the lap, a book of free verse poetry, observations, remembrances, and responses, all written by Chia, to the artists who have exhibited at his gallery, including Joan Waltemath, Cameron Crawford, Elijah Burgher, and David Salkin. Chia interweaves daily experiences such as walking to the studio with memories of exhibitions and conversations. Some of the poems seem like emails written as if in a dream. There is a Lake Michigan mermaid (“gloopy”) and a heartfelt homage to Michelle Grabner. Chia’s poetry captures the mood of being a contemporary observer, passing through exhibitions and webpages and CTA buses, which Chia records introspectively: “I am aiming for clear/As clear as it can be/Though you know how that goes.” —Jason Foumberg

Published by PEREGRINEPROGRAM, 2013, softcover, 132 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

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