RAV 1ST COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli - Rare Book at Kavi Gupta Editions
Youth in Decline


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Nominated for an Ignatz Award in "Best Graphic Novel," RAV is an action-adventure romance drone comic that has been likened to such epic works as Alice in Wonderland and Ulysses.

Follow Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, a mystery cat, and other bizarre friends as they navigate an esoteric whirlwind of dorks, punks, passive-aggression, kisses, weird basements, and bad breakfast spots.

This tome collects the first five issues of Mickey Zacchilli's enigmatic and hilarious series, as well as drawings & ephemera.

"The first ‘official’ bookshelf-ready Youth in Decline publication, and maybe the most holistically manga-informed American thing with a bar code at [Small Press Expo 2014]. I loved this book. It’s like a very deluxe variant on a Japanese shōjo or josei comics magazine. [...] There’s brief, oblique supplementary texts, an omake puzzle section, and even tribute art by special guests—it’s the total package." —Joe McCulloch, The Comics Journal

Published by Youth in Decline, 2014, first edition, softcover printed in brown ink on yellow pages, 276 pages, 8 x 5 inches.

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