Claire Sherman: Sempervirens - Book at Kavi Gupta Editions
DC Moore Gallery

Claire Sherman: Sempervirens

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This catalogue was published in conjunction with the artist's New York solo debut exhibition Sempervirens at DC Moore Gallery.

Gestural and heroic, Claire Sherman’s canvases investigate the confusion of scale and space. Purposefully composed in a single day, each composition originates from a specific place and a finite period of time, rendered in sweeping lines and impasto paint. Sherman intentionally retains all of the stumbles, victories, and awkward brushstrokes that lay tangled on the surfaces of each heavily worked canvas.

The physical nature of Sherman’s painting method is heavily influenced by references she draws through her extensive travel and eclectic reading. Joe Fyfe describes in his catalogue essay, “Sherman’s landscape pictures demonstrate an awareness of this semiotic distinction in the very tenuousness between the originating site and its depiction. Sherman makes no bones about how a landscape site can be a stand-in for a psychological state, a romantic scene, or a historical convention, but is ultimately an archetype.”

The catalogue features full-color illustrations of works by the artist, with an essay by Joe Fyfe.

Published by DC Moore Gallery, 2014, softcover, 50 pages, 11 x 9 inches.

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