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Exploring both real and imagined places in Chicago's queer history, Memory Palaces is a map, a love letter, and a fantasy of the city. There is a mournful quality to walking these streets at night, each house serving as a memorial to what's been lost and what could have been, but this isn't simply a sad story. Every building on the avenues of Memory Palaces has a gate, a door, a point of entry, and their brilliant colors are an ecstatic celebration in themselves. Presented in an over-sized, full color format preserving every detail, this edition is an experience not to be missed.

"Edie Fake’s punk ethos of reciprocity and collaboration extends into his work as a comic, tattoo, and performance artist. His arresting graphic work plays with the fluidity and elasticity of images, which sometimes literally interconnect, as in the continuous sidewalk seen in the foreground of his Memory Palaces series. The looping movement in these drawings exhibits an almost cinematic pacing." —Thea Liberty Nichols, a21

Published by Secret Acres, 2014, softcover, 16 pages, 14 x 11.5 inches.

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