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Megahex by Simon Hanselmann

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Megg is a depressed, drug-addicted witch. Mogg is her black cat. Their friend, Owl, is an anthropomorphized owl. They hang out a lot with wild card Werewolf Jones. This may sound like a pure stoner comedy, but it transcends the genre: these characters struggle unsuccessfully to come to grips with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of work, lack of ambition, and complex feelings about each other in ways that have made Megg & Mogg sensations on Hanselmann's Girl Mountain Tumblr. This is the first collection of Hanselmann's work, freed from its cumbersome Internet prison, featuring all of the "classic" Megg & Mogg episodes from its past five years, as well as over 70 pages of all-new material.

Published by Fantagraphics, 2014, hardcover, 212 pages, 8.75 x 6 inches.

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