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Haim Steinbach (b. 1944) is interested in the shared social ritual of collecting, arranging and presenting everyday objects and materials, an experience that extends to us all, whether in the way we arrange our homes or the way we select and wear our clothes.

Travel explores Steinbach's exhibition at White Cube Mason's Yard, London, October 2–November 16, 2013, and is comprised of two series of works that trace a trajectory in the artist's practice that stretches from the 1970s. In 1976, Steinbach produced a series of works based on grid-like geometric patterns created with strips of linoleum flooring. The Linopanel works evoke a pivotal moment in Steinbach's career, when he abandoned his investigation into minimalist painting and began to work with found objects. His use of linoleum, an everyday material that imitates more valuable floor covering, such as marble and tile, complicates the dictates of minimalism and introduces a domestic and social reference that became important to his work.

Jenny Jaskey's text explores Steinbach's interest in collecting and the methodologies of display forms. Edited by Honey Luard.

Published by White Cube, 2014, softcover, 128 pages, 7.75 x 5.25  inches.

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