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Georg Herold, Albert Oehlen, Christopher Wool

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This short but joyous book brings together a quartet of outstanding essayists who responded in kind to the acerbic wit and intelligence of the German multidisciplinary artists Georg Herold and Albert Oehlen, and the American painter Christopher Wool. Designed by the artists and edited by Karen Marta, it accompanies the exhibition Georg Herold, Albert Oehlen, Christopher Wool at the Renaissance Society, March 12–April 23, 1989.

Since this exhibition these three have continued to critique artistic stereotypes and strategies with stark, sometimes brutal humor. Together they form an ironic postmodern version of the Marx Brothers chasing one another, seeing who can be the first to give truth to Derrida's statement: "What is art? As long as one refuses to give an answer in advance to this question, 'art' is only a word."

Edited by Karen Marta. Acknowledgments by Susanne Ghez. Texts by Karen Marta, Glenn O'Brien, Stephen Ellis, Ian Brunskill, and Gary Garrels.

Published by Renaissance Society, 1989, softcover, 32 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches.

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