Dunes at Noons by Brad Tucker - Book at Kavi Gupta Editions
Soberscove Press

Dunes at Noons by Brad Tucker

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Dunes at Noons: a sparse poem of seemingly limitless landscape punctuated by text and form.

Space: a place for play in the giant sandboxes of The Great Oregon Sand Dunes and the Texas Monahans Sand Dunes.

Time: always passing.

Brad Tucker creates installations blending sculpture, painting, text, sound, and video. His work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. His one-man band, Bad Trucker, performs on rare and special occasions. He lives and works in Austin, Texas.

This book is part of the Soberscove Press Artists' Board Book series. Combining the conventions of artists' books with those of children's board books, the series was inspired by the delight and creativity with which young children visually and physically explore books. These books offer physical experiences with art for lookers and readers of all ages.

Published by Soberscove Press, 2014, board book, 16 pages, 6 x 6 inches.

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