Clare Rojas: Grocery Store Flowers
Clare Rojas: Grocery Store Flowers
Clare Rojas

Clare Rojas: Grocery Store Flowers

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The print Grocery Store Flowers is an edition of 60. It may be purchased, framed or unframed, with the vinyl record. Limited quantities are available.

For a framed print, priced $1200 + shipping, please contact the gallery directly at

Unframed prints are available through Editions, as an option above.

Featuring 12 songs, the album Grocery Store Flowers gently pulls listeners into a soulful passage through the haunting, uncanny landscape of a bittersweet human heart. Sensitive and sublime, Clare Rojas’ heartfelt, lyrical poetry comes together with melancholic harmonies and soft country rhythms to form a collection of modern lullabies, perfectly suited for our time of solitude and strangeness.

Grocery Store Flowers came into being under extraordinary conditions. Rojas recorded the album entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did this inherently sequester the development of the songs from her visual art practice, but like so many other musicians, Rojas was forced by the pandemic to find new ways of working with her usual collaborators. Sharing tracks remotely with steel guitar player Joel Pickard in Oregon, violinist Sarah Zaharako and bassist Eric Perney in Illinois, and other musicians scattered around the Bay Area and Los Angeles—Monte Vallier, Marc Capelle, Piro Patton, Roger Riedlbauer, Jasper Sheff, Michael Pinkham, Zoe Lord, and Lori Smallwood—she took unexpected solace in the stillness of performing and recording herself singing alone.

The artist has been writing and performing music for more than 20 years under her alter ego Peggy Honeywell. Following Walk Like Man (1999), Honey For Dinner (2001), Faint Humms (2005), and Green Mountain (2006), Grocery Store Flowers is Rojas’s fifth musical release, but the first title released under her name.


1. Fine Spirit (2:24)
2. Ghosts Are Not Angels (3:16)
3. Queen Mother (2:54)
4. Only Plastic Lasts Longer (3:19)
5. Two Middle Class Lovers (2:08)
6. Will You Still Take Good Care Of Me (2:14)
7. Stellar Spaces (2:56)
8. The Sun Is Shrinking (2:58)
9. I Find Love (3:21)
10. 11 Carved Between My Eyes (3:01)
11. Color Falling (1:50)
12. Sometimes I Feel Sorrow (0:43)

Written, composed, and produced by Clare E. Rojas, mixed by Monte Vallier at Ruminator Audio, mastered by Mike Wells, with additional production Monte Vallier, 2020, vinyl EP, 12 inches. Print Grocery Store Flowers, archival pigment print on rag paper, 30 x 24 inches.

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