James Little
Kavi Gupta

James Little

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This catalogue surveys the artist's works and exhibitions, highlighting James Little: Black Stars & White Paintings at Kavi Gupta | Elizabeth St.

James Little is a master in the field of contemporary American abstract painting. In an age that frequently trades durability and patience for ephemerality and instant gratification, Little might be seen as an outlier. A careful, precise, disciplined perfectionist who emphasizes personal improvement over outside recognition, Little offers an alternative definition of influencer to a culture obsessed with quick returns and fame for fame's sake.

"I make paintings unadorned, that reflect the relationship I have with the medium and good design,” Little says. “I’m not interested in illusionism, the way a lot of abstract artists are. I’m interested in flatness, the flat plane, and materials that keep illusions at bay. I’m just trying to stand up next to the great paintings of the past.”

Published by Kavi Gupta, 2023, softcover, 116 pages, 7 x 5 inches.

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