Jae Jarrell - Book at Kavi Gupta Editions
Jae Jarrell - Book at Kavi Gupta Editions
Kavi Gupta

Jae Jarrell

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This catalogue features full-color illustrations of works and exhibitions by the artist and ephemera from her archive, with an essay by D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem.

Jae Jarrell (b. 1935, USA) is a painter and multi-media fabric artist whose fashion creations helped define the style of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 70s. She is a co-founder of AFRICOBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists).

AFRICOBRA’s goal was to understand and express the visual principles that defined black culture. As an artist adept at fashion design, Jarrell created groundbreaking wearable artworks that interpreted the core ideas of the group and expanded on them, developing abstract, idiosyncratic methods of translating black positivity into fashion objects. Jarrell describes her clothing designs as confident portrayals of “free symmetry” and “shine,” which literally embody AFRICOBRA’s revolutionary spirit on a personal human level.

Published by Kavi Gupta, 2019, paperback, 90 pages, 7 x 5 inches.

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